ONLINE FAQ-Study Chinese in Beijing China,Mandarin school-Beijing Global Village School
한국어 Korean
1. Q: What kind of courses do you have?
A: We have various courses for you to choose, including Spoken Chinese, HSK and Professional courses such as Newspaper Reading, Business Trade, etc. Of course, we can make a tailor-made course for you as well.
2. Q: Which teaching materials do you use?
A: In Spoken Chinese class, we use many kinds of classic and popular textbooks published by authoritative press in China right now. For example, we use Conversational Chinese 301 published by Beijing Language and Culture University Press for the beginners, and we use Intermediate Spoken Chinese published by Peking University Press for the intermediate level students. In HSK class, our experienced teachers will prepare teaching materials for students. You can get more information about teaching materials on our website.
3. Q: How long is a lesson?
A: 50 minutes.
4. Q: What does the class look like?
A: You can have a free trial lesson before you start to learn and you will see the way we teach. Or you can log on our website: to take a look at the video.
5. Q: Which language do you use in class?
A: We speak Chinese in class in order to create a 100% Chinese environment for students. In this way, you can improve their Chinese faster.
6. Q: How will I know my Chinese level?
A: Please don't worry. In the free trial lesson, teachers will talk to you and make an assessment before he gives you a professional suggestion.
7. Q: When can I have my class?
A: You can start your courses anytime you like according to your schedule.
8. Q: Tell me something about the tuition fee.
A: Well, we have several class packages which start from 10 classes to 50 classes. You can choose one package to pay. The more classes you choose, the more discounts you can have. For more details, you can log on our website.
9. Q: How can I apply for a course?
A: You can log on our website: click ONLINE-APPLY, and choose the time and class packages, and then fill out the personal information form. After that, you can pay online. It won't take you a long time.
10. Q: How can I pay?
A: If you live outside of China, you may pay by Paypal; If you live in China, you may pay by bank transfer or come to our school and pay by cash.
11. Q: When should I make payment?
A: The earlier the better. We need to ensure your place in our program. As a guideline, we need to receive your payment 1 week before your class begins.
12. Q: Can I change my schedule if I can't attend class sometimes?
A: Of course you can. But you need to tell us 24 hours in advance if you can't attend the class. Each class package has a period of validity and you need to finish your course within the period of validity.
13. Q: Will the teacher wait for me if I am late?
A: The teacher will be waiting for you online within the scheduled time frame. However, registered students are requested to bear in mind that these sessions are paid for in advance and must make the effort to be punctual for online sessions. The teacher will start the lessons with the rest of the class on the scheduled time of commencement.
14. Q: Should I have classes at a regular time?
A: No, you don't have to. However, it will be to your advantage that you inform us of the most suitable time for you and to allow us to make due arrangements for a teacher. You can discuss and decide on the specific times for your program with your teacher and confirm your schedule.
15. Q: What if there is something wrong with my internet when I am having classes?
A: You must inform us through other means as soon as possible in cases of technical failures. You may make arrangements with your teacher for a suitable time to make up for the lost times and lessons owing to technical glitches.
16. Q: Can I give my account to others?
A: Your account is for you only and MUST NOT be shared.
17. Q: Can I get my money back if I don't want to learn any longer?
A: Refund Policy:If you decide to withdraw from the program during the first half of your study period, you will be entitled for a refund of 10% less than the payment you have made. However, you will need to produce your invoice in person or via post to verify payment and assist with the processing. Late withdrawals during the later half of the program will not warrant any refunds.