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Spoken Chinese Courses:
If you want to improve your spoken Chinese step by step, the Spoken Chinese Course is a good option. We will design a personalized plan for you according to the test result and your requirements. There are three levels you can choose:

Elementary Course
Intermediate Course
Advanced Course

HSK Courses:
If you want to get a good result in HSK exam, the HSK Course will help you a lot. All the HSK teachers have rich experience in helping students with the HSK preparation. You can not only improve your Chinese level , but also learn the most useful testing technics. We will create a personal plan for you and help you pass the exam smoothly. There are 6 levels you can choose:

Ⅰ. Level 1     Ⅱ. Level 2     Ⅲ. Level 3
Ⅳ. Level 4      Ⅴ. Level 5     Ⅵ. Level 6

Professional Courses:
Besides improving speaking and taking HSK exam, maybe you are eager to know more about China, so we offer various courses to help you. You can choose what you are interested in from the following courses:

Business and Trade
Newspaper Reading