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10+1 Reasons to learn Chinese with us
1. Teaching quality –
Teachers at Global Village are all well-trained professionals, and have lots of experience teaching Chinese to foreigners.
2. Tuition is cheap –
Taking one class (90 minutes) per day tuition is cheap and discounts are available depending on how many classes you book each time.
3. Practical style –
Practical teaching methods and materials are used so students learn how to speak Chinese quickly and efficiently in a supportive and relaxed environment.
4. Class size is small –
Class size is usually under 20 people, the average class size is between 3-6 people only. New classes can be started when just three students are available.
5. Class variety is large–
There are always a wide range of Chinese classes running at each level (Beginner – Advanced) everyday, including spoken Chinese, Business Chinese, HSK courses etc. One-to-One classes are also available.
6. Flexible enrollment –
Both long and short-term students can enroll at anytime for full or part-time study.
7. Flexible choice –
Students can transfer to any class at anytime based on their needs and requirements.
8. Flexible hours –
Classes at Global Village School run until evening, running later than universities and most other private schools.
9. Free class trial –
Prior to registering, prospective students are permitted to sit in on a class once free of charge.
10. Free lectures –
Free lectures on Chinese culture and language are conducted once a week all year round.
11. Convenient location –
The school is located just a few minutes walk from the Wudaokou subway station, and there are many bus stops nearby.